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sites de rencontres des femmes veuves Kylie Lip Kits have become all the rage since they were launched by Kylie Jenner in October 2015. They have become a coveted item in a makeup enthusiast’s collection, mostly because it is so difficult to get your hands on them and girls all over the world are ready to pay any price to get hold of these lippies.

Kylie Cosmetics recently launched the Kylie Birthday Edition collection for Kylie’s 19th birthday and I was lucky enough to get a hold of the mini matte lipkit from this collection. It was a gift since it was my birthday in August as well (yay!).

If you want to know how the lipsticks look on Indian/Asian skin then you can check out the lip swatches below. Also, if you want to know how you can successfully place an order on Kylie Cosmetics before the Birthday collection goes out of stock then don’t forget to read the complete article!

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The mini matte collection contains 6 mini liquid lipsticks containing the shades Exposed, Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K, Kristen and Leo. I found this collection worth the price ($36 + $15 shipping to India) as it gives you 6 different colors to try out and see if you like the shades or not before buying the full sized lipkit.

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Exposed is a warm nude. This is a perfect nude for slightly fair complexioned people and is a great everyday color.

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File_002 (1)


site de rencontre milliardaire Dolce K

Dolce K is a deep beige nude. This is a good nude for a slightly dark complexion and would look beautiful on the skin tone. It looked particularly dull and washed out on my skin tone.


File_001 (1) Koko K

Koko K is a pale pink. It is a very bubblegum pink and this is one of my favorite shades from the collection.

File_000 (3)

File_001 (2) Candy K

Candy K is a warm pinky nude. This color looks like a slightly darker Koko K. Honestly there isn’t much of a difference between the two as they look basically the same once applied.

File_002 (2)

File_000 (4)


conocer chicos sevilla Kristen

Kristen is a warm brown berry. It is a beautiful color which brings out the glow in your complexion. It is a versatile color and will look good on any skin tone.

File_000 (5)

File_000 (6)

rencontres dinan 22 Leo

Leo is a true deep burgundy. This fierce color lives up to its name and is a perfect lip color if you’re bored of your pink and red lipsticks and want to try something new.

File_001 (3)

File_000 (8)

Side by side comparison –

3 How to Order

The Kylie Cosmetics birthday edition was restocked a couple of times, each time being sold out in a matter of minutes. So, for ordering the mini mattes I took the reins in my own hands (since I didn’t trust that anyone else would be able grab it). I failed to get my hands on it the first two times, I was naïve and unprepared for the ruthless world of makeup lovers. So I was determined to nail it the third time around, and I did!

The next and last restock of the birthday edition, including the above mini mattes, is on 31st Aug 3:00 PM PST (i.e. 1st Sept 3:30 AM IST). So if you’re planning to buy the mini mattes or other items from the birthday collection, you can follow the below steps to assuredly get your hands on the products before they go out of stock.

  1. Create your account on Kylie Cosmetics. Enter shipping address and other such details.
  2. Autofill your credit card details in your browser.
  3. Keep your credit card CVV number ready 10-15 mins before restock.
  4. The MOST important step is to stay calm and composed during the transaction.


All the best you, makeup junkie!





If you have any other queries regarding the lip kits or restock, do let me know! Hope this blog post helped in your decision making to get the lip kit. Until next time, MEOW!


  1. Ashmee


    Really needed this info as I am a big fan of Kylie (you know it very well :p). Thanks a lot!
    And needless to say, you look each and every shade effortlessly!! so damn good they look your beautiful face.!!!
    Cool stuff 😉

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