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rencontre ecologie politique I always used to think spas are overhyped and overrated, so I was never much of a spa junkie. My one regret however was missing a spa session back when I was in Thailand last year due to a hectic trip and always wondered how it would have been after hearing rave reviews about it from friends. Little did I know I was going to have a change of perspective when I was invited to try out Sukho Thai spa’s services on International Women’s Day.

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conocer jovenes solteros Sukho Thai has various branches all over town; mine was scheduled at the one at Phoenix Market City, Kurla, which is nearest to my place. After a warm welcome from the lovely staff, I was lead into the spa rooms for my session. It included the classic Thai foot massage and reflexology along with head, back and shoulder massage. The ambience was soothing – scented candles, calming music and comfy recliners to put me to ease. The foot spa session was excellent, but it was the back and shoulder massage that was out of this world!

Visit Website Since I have a 9-5 job which involves me sitting at the desk for long hours, this session was indeed a blessing in disguise. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone who has a desk job to try this therapy out because, trust me, you don’t even know how bad you need it!

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I was completely light-headed, floating in space and glowing with a smile after the session. They served a delightful bowl of fruits and piping hot ginger tea after we were done and it was all so blissful. Also, there were cute gift hampers for all women on the occasion of Women’s Day, which was such a sweet gesture by them! Sukho Thai also has various discounts and offers going on their website every day, so make sure you keep an eye out for that. As for me, I’m looking at my calendar, scheduling another one of those magical appointments again! Until next time..



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