Relationships: Wows, Vows and Woes!

Relationships are strength. Relationships are weakness. But whatever they may be, they are essentially indispensable. These days it is all the more necessary to keep nurturing these relationships every now and then. Be it a boyfriend-girlfriend relation or a husband-wife relation, fights, arguments, and whatnot are integral part of the bond.
It is also a typical notion that the guys in relationships are forgetful; they don’t remember dates and special occasions. But then the lady heart wants to be pampered on such occasions for she cares, understands and loves.

browse around these guys Why do you think that a guy needs to give gifts only at the beginning of the relationships, when they are blossoming? Should not gifting be an ongoing process? Taking care of your partner’s small little desires is sweet and must not be seen as a duty.

frau sucht mann app Just as you need food to survive, you need relationships to grow. They say, love is after all like a food for the soul. So how can you nurture it and keep the freshness alive? By being the same as you were when you were trying to woo her. Remember the first time you proposed her with a bouquet? It was a wow moment! Wasn’t it? And when you had your first argument, your first fight and you were almost on the verge of going in different directions. Those woeful days were unbearable! And then, maybe one of you decided to makeup and how did they do it? By making the other feel special.

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These days we often look up to the celebrity couples to see how they gel together. One of the most popular couple who has taken over almost all the tabloids is Saifeena (Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan). Now that Kareena is expecting her first child, she is ever glowing and Saif leaves no opportunity to make her feel loved.
Kareena’s pregnancy, in fact has only strengthened their relation. So how did Saif made Kareena feel like a princess on their anniversary? Yes, he did remember the date! Guys aren’t that bad! So Saif surprised Kareena by gifting her Gold and Diamond Jewellery from Malabar.
Malabar is a renowned brand. They have a wide variety of gold, diamond and platinum jewellery. What’s more? You can shop online and get guaranteed good quality products delivered at your partner’s doorsteps to surprise them and rekindle the warmth of love!
#KareenasAnniversarySurprise was really adorable and has given some major relationship goals to all their fans!

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